It’s the time of year that high school or university students are looking forward to prom. Picking out the perfect prom dress, renting tuxes, planning out a great evening are just a few of the things you’ll have on your minds, making sure your prom experience will be a special one.

A prom budget is very important. Everything counts, from hair to make up, tickets to dinner, dresses to shoes, all these small details have to be put into consideration.

Make up!


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Here we have 4 different kinds of look you can go for to match your theme! You can always ask your mom to help you with it, plus it’ll be a great Mother & Daughter bonding session! Don’t forget about using waterproof ones and a setting spray to set that make up because, bear in mind that you’ll be on dance floor most of the time. You are definitely going to sweat! 


Hair fully up or half down? Honestly, you don’t have to hire a professional stylist to do your hair and for prom, because you can actually do it yourself with already what you have with no cost at all! These styles are always a popular choice, perfect for a stylish and classy for prom. 


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Sexy or something a little more simple yet sophisticated? Don’t worry, WE GOTCHU FAM! Introducing the Etheral Dress, Kalei Dress & the Edrela Dress. Which would you pick? 

  • Etheral Dress -This dress is an incredible prom dress. Made with quality polyester & a chiffon overlay with adjustable straps! Plus, the high slit gives a seductive twist on this classic dress. Comes in 3 colors & sizes : Periwinkle, White & Black. (S, M, L)


Etheral Dress in Black [ shop here ]


Etheral Dress in White [ shop here ]


Etheral Dress in Periwinkle [ shop here ]

  • A Pop of Ombre Series - Featuring Kalei Dress & Edrela Dress 

Kalei Dress - A beautiful high neck bodice long chiffon dress that will make your body appear long and balanced, while the sleeveless upper part will compliment perfectly your flawless arms.

Comes in 3 colors & sizes : PinkBlue & Red. (S, M, L)

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Kalei Ombre Dress in Red & Blue [ shop here ]


(left) Edrela Ombre Dress in Grey [ shop here ] 

(right) Kalei Ombre Dress in Pink [ shop here ]

  • Edrela Dress - A slight V-neck detail on this dress will certainly draw the attention to your delicate collarbones, while the fitted design will accentuate your extraordinary figure. You can never go wrong with a dress like that. 

Comes in 3 colors & sizes: PinkBlue & Grey. (S, M , L)

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 Kalei Ombre Dress in Pink [ shop here ]

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Kalei Ombre Dress in Grey [ shop here ]


Kalei Ombre Dress in Blue [ shop here ]

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Kalei Ombre Dress in Blue & Pink [ shop here ]


 If you cannot find the perfect prom accessories to go with your dress, you can always shop our accessories here! There’s a large variety of earrings to choose from! Afraid of not getting it on time? You can always collect it at our store in Paradigm Mall, UG-29! ( just beside Cotton On ) 


We feel these might suit what you need ;) Shop our accessories here!



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The ideal pair to stand out if you are leaning on the shorter side. Aside from that, they’ll also give you the assurance that your dress won’t be trailing on the floor! Also, let’s not forget that heels are elegant and available in a wide range of style, that you’ll definitely the pair of heels perfect for your dress. Don’t forget to carry with you a pair of flats/slippers, you might need to take them off at some point while showing off your moves at the dance floor! 


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The most important thing, your clutch! Where you’ll be storing your emergency necessities, eg: lipstick, phone, sewing kit, camera & perfume! You’ll never know when you’ll be needing all of these.

And you're ready for prom! Remember, you can always call a Grabcar to get home if its past midnight just to be safe. (if alchohol is consumed) Have a great time, ladies and be safe! ;)